Friday, May 30, 2014

All You Ever Wanted To Know About The J79 Turbojet Engine

YouTubes made by AgentJayZ of S&S Turbines about the J-79 engine. I find them a wealth of information and good clean fun. Just click on the titles to watch the videos.  This guy has a dream job! I miss the smell of burned JP-4.

J79 – Turbine Engines: A Closer Look
J79 Main Coupling
Inside an Afterburner
Max Power, Plus Afterburner – LOUD!
Afterburner In Your Face
Testing A Starfighter Engine
J79 in Reheat: More!
Afterburner Fuel System
J79 Nozzle Test
Afterburner Spark Test
Testing a GE J79 with Afterburner
Turbine Engine: Flight vs Industrial
The Afterburner

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