Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tailspin Topic Reference Material on the F-4 Phantom II Development

Here are some very interesting topics concerning the F-4 Development from Tommy Tomason's blog Tailspin Topics:

The F4H Flush Canopy, Splitter Plate and Intake Development:

Rolls Royce Powered Phantom differences:

Sparrow III AAM orientation on the Phantom II:

F-4 Forward Fuselage:

F-4 Stabilator development:

Early F4H Ram Air Turbine:

Information on the exhaust nozzles and afterburner eyelids:

The forerunner of the Phantom II, the F3H-G/H:

Information about the early F4Hs:

F4H-1 Approach Lights

Additional information about the early F4Hs:

Information about Corogard which was used on early Phantom IIs:

F-4 Radome information:

F-4H large and small radomes:

F-4S wing:

Information about different versions:

F-4 External Fuel Tanks:

Information about the Navy's F-4G:


01/29/2014 - Added a few I missed.
10/6/2013 - Initial Post

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  1. A couple of interesting references which I put on Tommy's site:
    Another Phantom that was never built..the Mach3 proposal for Israel, July 18th, 2012 post

    The development history of the Phantom nozzles is told in SAE paper 680295.


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